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23 August 2011 @ 08:09 pm
Custom Content + Other Resources  
 Custom Content I have downloaded, for my own records really in case I have to reinstall this for the 20 batrillionth time. If I've used it on a Sim I will have it on their Download page. Remember to check for any terms + conditions of each of the places you download these from! x

If you've seen something I've used but don't know what it is, hit me up, I'll find it for you :)

Replacement Defaults
Skin - Full Family V2 by Navetsea
Eyes - Luminous Eyes by -Shady-
Bulginess for the gentlemen - 'Junk' by Kitty Klan

Female [* = available for children and toddlers too]

Side Plait* - [Raonjena Female Hair 010] by Anubis360
Long hair - [Peggy Hair 7662] by Anubis360
Plaits* - [Peggy 4669] by My Blue Book
Bob  - Anubis360
Fringe + Pulled back - [Shymoo 04] by My Blue Book
Dreadlocks + hair wrap - Rose Sims 
Chelsea by Club Crimsyn
Scene hair by Club Crimsyn
Mohawk with bangs by Club Crimsyn
Shaved Side Hair by RH on Garden of Shadows [my Self-Sim's hair do!]

Male [*=available for children and toddler too]
Front flip* - [Anto 75] by My Blue Book
Short Mohawk by Club Crimsyn
Caesar* - [Callum91] by My Blue Book
Messy shaved sides mohawk by Club Crimsyn
Undercut by Club Crimsyn
Fauxhawk x2 by Club Crimsyn

Peggy Hair #000745 - Adjusted Shine

Jelly Lipgloss by Lemonleaf

Ace of Spades by Astraea Nevermore
Oldschool-Newschool Full body suit by xjonasx
Full body tattoo skin by xjonasx
Fallen wings by NewOne
Tattoo Set [my favourite!] by Robokitty


3D glasses by Kitty Klan

Male Adult + Young Adult
Skinny Jeans by NewOne
Undies by NewOne
Layered Shirts by NewOne

Female Adult + Young Adult
Flower Dance - Mini dress + jeans by Anubis360
Tiered dress with bow - Candy Lover
Ugg Boots by aniarazova
Studded Ankle boots by icia23

Layered tees for teen boys by One Billion Pixels

80s girls tees  by ennderssogc
girls denim shorts by candybear

Toddler Jeans by Mermaid Bellamy
Most of the Toddler Boy Clothes over at Sky Sims3

Pose Player by cmomoney
Kid Pose Pack by traelia